I wrap you in a hug, hold you in my arms,
Loving you, needing you, keeping you from harm.
I close my eyes and push back the tears,
I swallow and try to drown out my fears.
I breathe in your scent and I sigh,
I squeeze you a little harder and inside. I die.
I press my lips together to hold back my cry,
My heart becomes heavy, my body becomes weak,
I slowly let go
My brain stops turning, my heart skips a beat,
My tears are falling now down to my feet.
Disbelief engulfs me and it swallows me whole,
I drop my hands to my sides with an ache in my soul.
A sharp pain stabs through me
But I look at you one last time...then I let you go...


Page by Cindy:

July 5, 2002