-Execute. Says:

looks into your eyes...
I�ve been in darkness for so long just waiting for the light,
And now that you have come my way,
my days don�t seem like nights.
I�ve never really felt this way about a girl before,
You�ve truly touched me deep inside,
you�ve opened, unlocked, the door.
And even if this does not work,
I�m glad I�ve had this chance,
To see how great you truly are,
We never know what�ll come of this,
it really just depends,
With you I never have to guess just how you feel,
With you I feel so comfortable,
like nothing can go wrong,
I get this tingly feeling inside,
you sing to me like a song.
I�m trying to live in the moment,
by forgetting about the past,
And so far it�s been working,
It was not so long ago
when I thought I'd never meet someone like you.
Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control
Believing I'd never fall.
All my life I thought no one would
melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold,
a heart hardened by the past,
protected by shields so vast.
Slowly I was falling
without even knowing.
Forever takes me by a minute,
While I�m here with you.
I�m falling even more in love,
With everything you do.
Hold me in your arms,
Look deep into my eyes,
Don�t turn away and let me go,
Don�t ever tell me lies.
I swear I�ll never lose you,
In my arms I�ll always hold.
I�ll never let you slip away,
And leave nothing left untold.
There aren�t enough hours,
In each passing day,
To find all the words,
I wish I could say.
Your kiss will last forever,
Your touch forever warm.
You�ll guide me to the sunlight,
And shield me from the storm.
This is what I�m saying,
With everything that�s true,
I swear on my life,
That I really do love you.
Every one has a destiny to find,
looking in your eyes I have found mine.
You're all I ever wanted,
you're all I'll ever need.
The love I feel for you
Is one I've never knew
Everything you do for me
Tells me you love me too
I've tried so long and hard,
To make sense,
Of what you mean to me.
But it's beyond all reason,
And words just don't mean much,
To explain what I feel and see.
They all falter beside the feeling,
That sends my mind reeling,
Of a single kiss or warm embrace.
It's so cold without you,
Hold me close,
I need your warmth, to see your face.
Let me gaze into your eyes,
Deep into those starry skies,
Come here, my beautiful angel,
Beyond all superficiality,
accept this love from me...
To you alone I give the key.
My heart is open wide,
Come here, come inside,
There's nothing left to hide.
You are my fire
My titanic ocean
Your Love burns
Right through my
Very soul
Your love can purify me
Make me whole.
The wind of nature
Is like your Love
It's like no other
I've been thinking of
It Encircles me
Breathing upon my heart
That I may inherit it's
Come, Cease this emptiness
That fills my soul
Only your love
Can save me
Give me life
Make me whole
Please speak to
My heart today
Encourage my Love
Please don't delay.
Clear the vagueness
Which impedes me
Come enlighten my
Mind, Body and Soul
And the truth will only
Lead us
To the love that makes
Us whole.....
I will be yours always,
I'll love you forever
Until the day I die
I'll be forever by you
you will have my love for eternity,
I love you more than words can ever say Cindy........


.Pookie says :

mine won't compare to the words you share but they come from the heart ...
My love�today I promise myself to you for as long as we shall be.
When I first met you I knew we had something special a bond that was unbreakable�
that day you walked away with my heart and it's been with you ever since. It took us along time
to get here to where we are today but finally our hearts join as one to be together always
throughout our days. I promise to always be faithful to you, to always be there when you need me,
to be there to pick you up when your down, to be there to wipe away your tears when you cry,
to join in laughter when your happy and to always have my arms open for an embrace when you need one.
You Terry are my love, my happiness, my soul, my heart, my one, my everything. In you I have found
.everything I have searched for�you have shown me your love and have made me the happiest I have been.
You have always been there even when we were apart..all I needed to do was call and you were there
with arms open wide to hold me, protect me, love me, pick me up and help me carry on.
Baby I will love you like I have always loved you unconditionally and whole heartedly.
Today, Tomorrow and Always my love for you will forever be.

-Soul Mates-
-November 10, 2002-