Page made out of Love by the both of us
Poem by Terry          Graphics by Cindy
Every time we touch
My heart starts to race
And every time I see you
The biggest smile forms on my face
Nothing can describe
What I feel when I’m with you
Call it what you want
I just pray that it is true
I feel like I’m in heaven
Whenever you hug me tight
I can’t wait to lay in your arms
And be with you all through the night
I see you in my future
You and I, us, the perfect pair
As the days pass
Deeper and deeper I fall
And when the time comes
I’ll be ready to give you my all
So with these words I say I love you
This feeling is here to stay
u alway know how to make me feel better
i love you baby forever and always
the song says it all
you've gotten inside my soul
and i'm never lettin go!
Love you Alwayz

«°´´¯`°»¦«-Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time-»¦«°´¯`°»
«°´´¯`°»¦«-I Love You Baby Alway.Z-»¦«°´¯`°»


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