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i wanted to write you a poem but words don't flow out of me as they do you
so instead i'm going to bare my soul to you
it's so hard for me to even get these emotions in check to organize them into words
i'll start off by saying i love you more than ne.thing you are my one constant that keeps me going
the one person in this world i can count on to always be there to deliver me from my sadness
the one person that makes all the madness of my life go away
the person who gives me strength and courage to move forward and tackle another day
you terry are the person who showed how to love and care for another
showed me there is more to this life than me that in this life if u give love you get it in return
in the past few days i've learned alot i've learned half of what it would feel like to lose you
i can't bare the thought of losing you completely because the pain we both endured was worse than ne we have ever had
i will love you with all my heart for the rest of my life
as this song says you delivered me from all my sadness and all my madness and gave me strength and courage
and i thank you for trying not to push me away and allowing me to do the same for you in return
together as one the bond we've created between us  we can overcome ne.thing.
you and i together...forever...that's how it's meant to be...
i love you terry foralwayz!!
♥ ♥ ♥
«°´´¯`°»¦«-Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time-»¦«°´¯`°»
«°´´¯`°»¦«-I Love You Baby Alway.Z-»¦«°´¯`°»


"deliver me" by sarah brightman

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