Page made out of Love by the both of us
Poem by Terry         Graphics by Cindy
Happy 9 month anniversary baby
i am so very thankful for you in my life
i have never known the happiness i know with you
with each passing day our love grows stronger
i go to bed thinking of you i awake with dreams of you in mah head
not a second goes by that you aren't w/ me by my side in my heart
you are my dream come true terry
all i ever wanted was to be part of you
with all my love i give you this page
with all my heart i love you
kissssssses baby

«°´´¯`°»¦«-Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time-»¦«°´¯`°»
«°´´¯`°»¦«-I Love You Baby Alway.Z-»¦«°´¯`°»


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