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I Love You More by Terry

Songs from the Heart ♥2001-2003

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Page made out of Love by the both of us
Poem by Terry          Graphics by Cindy

. . . : : : HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY BABY : : : . . .
I didn't think that I could love you more
than I did seven months ago,
but little did I know that
in sharing my hopes and dreams with you,
my love for you would grow.
you are the best part of my day -
the song that makes my heart sing.
I'm so thankful for your love and all the joy it brings.
You are so much a part of me,
I know we'll pass the test of time.
Hand-in-hand I'll walk through life with you
for your hand was made to fit perfectly in mine.

I Love You today, tomorrow, alway.z!!!

Your Wifey

Cindy,Baby I love you so much and with you my life I will share
You can tell that I love you by the ring that you wear
It's a symbol of undying, never ending love
And Everyday I thank the lord above

I thank him for letting us meet each other
And I thank him for letting us love one another
I thank him for letting me have you in my life
And when I look into your eyes I know everything is alright

Baby I Love you more every second of the day
And I've told you all of my feelings, there isn't much more I can say
i know you love me
As much as the way I love you

Nobody in this would will ever love you as much as me
And I'll do anything to make you see
And Nobody in this world can take my place
I'd do anything at all to just get to see your beautiful face

I love you more than any words can say
And like I said I love you more and more each day
I never thought I could love someone as much as i do
I never knew that life could be as wonderful as it is with you

I want to see you every second of the day
I can't wait for the day that with you I'll be able to lay
Holding you in my arms
And to be the love of your life, and your best friend

We're meant to be together and it was destined
I think all this was, was our love being tested
Just always remember that I love you
And that I would do anything for you.

«°´´¯`°»¦«-Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time-»¦«°´¯`°»
«°´´¯`°»¦«-I Love You Baby Alway.Z-»¦«°´¯`°»