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Terry-  together we've made it this far and i would have never dreamed our love would still
be burning strong.  we've hit some bumps along our journey together but those bumps
have only caused us to grow closer and stronger.  with each obstacle our love has been tested
we've cried we've laughed we've loved but most of all we did it as one we stood behind the other
proving our belief in one another.  it's like our love never gets old each time we're together is
something new.  holding your hand walking by your side taking this journey wherever it may
lead us right by your side..that's the secret...never giving up never letting go holding hands
staying side by side as one but allowing the other to be themselves also...
baby...i'm all about loving you...forever yours, Cynthia
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♥][: : . .
. . : :][♥
Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time][: : . .
. . : :][♥I Love You Baby Alway.Z][: : . .
. . : :][♥happy anniversary 1 yr 2 months♥][: : . .

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