-♥- far away i feel your heart beating - ♥-

This love I have for you
I promise will never end
And you can count on me to be there
From beginning to the end
I never thought I could trust or love someone again
You are truly a blessing to me
And I'm so grateful I have you
But sometimes things get hard when I can't be with you.
Like when I need someone to hug
And jus to give a kiss
To hold you in my arms
And feel such bliss
To tell you I love you
And for you to say it back
And to know that never before
I felt a love like that
And if I have to wait forever
Then I will just for you
Cause I know I won't find a love greater than you
And no one can love you like I do
And from my heart these words
Express some ways I feel for you
This love I have for you
Is a dream come true

i love you terry foralwayz...-cynthia
Like a rose's color on a vine, O.our love will with stand the sands of time-»¦«°´¯`°»
I Love Y.you Baby Alway.Z-»¦«°´¯`°»
«°´´¯`°»¦«page by the both of us...graphics by cynthia  poem by terry  10.10.05-»¦«°´¯`°»