-♥-  originally done on 1.26.04  -♥-
-♥- 2 yrs and 1 month later i still feel the same and i'll alwayz love you..foralwayz !! -♥-

the following poem was on the original page and it still rings true today...from my heart to urs..

. . : :][♥♥][: : . .
like a rose tender and sweet
i've given you me to make us complete
i never want to be out of your arms
where i'm protected and safe from harm
without your love i can not breathe
without you there is no me
i love you my love with all my heart
i have since the beginning from the start
no matter where this road we're on may go
i will be happy just knowing i got to love you so
. . : :][♥♥][: : . .

i have thorns just like any rose
page by cynthia

image below is the original image for this page done 2 years ago.


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