Something has been burning and it's burning bright
One that has the essence of sweet love tonight
A fire in this heart seeks a fire within flames
who lit this fire and I've never been the same
Love is special and I'd love to hold you tight

Yes...I'm driven by love and passion...yes it's you
So many things I've realized that are true
Loving each other has only been the beginning
You bring sweet melodies in the voice you'll sing
A fire in this heart burns bright...for I love you, too

For there's something beautiful whenever love calls
It's so beautiful in love...when two as one...falls
This crescendo's building...and love burns bright
The kind that shines even in the darkest nights
A fire in this heart forever will penetrate the thickest walls're my fire within flames...and I love you so
It's your direction baby...the only way I want to go
A fire in this heart has been burning for such a long time
That's my signal baby....that shows that you're mine
With the fires's nothing but passion that will show


-•-  tell me what should i do to get next to u?  -•-

. . : :][•Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time•][: : . .

46 months :-p
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