This is a little Early

I remember the day I first met you, in this little virtual world known as vp
you were sitting across the room from me all quiet mysterious a few little private messages
I kept coming back looking for you, watching, waiting.  this feeling in my heart sparking and growing, needing to be near
the closer i got to you the more i had to be with you the more i yearned for more.  days went by, months and years
i can't say our love story has always been an easy one there were quite a few tears in there but over the years
the good has outweighed those tears ten fold.  over those years  no matter how many people
tried to come between us they couldn't break that bond, no matter how many times my job changed my hours it couldn't stop us
no matter how many obstacles be it u or i tried NOTHING came between us
the transition of virtual us to real us has been an awesome journey.  getting to know the real man behind the avatar has been amazing
the past year has been the best year ever thank you soo much for taking that step here where our hearts can grow even stronger
where i get to experience even more the more that i have always dreamed n hoped for
i have never experienced a love like this one that has proven over time to only get stronger one that i believe will last forever
as always baby this is for you a simple thank you for not quitting for fighting along with me to make our love even stronger
i love you Terry from the day we first met you had my heart then and you have it now foralwayz

HAPPY 12 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY 11.10.02 - 11.10.14

. . : :][♥Like a rose's color on a vine, our love will with stand the sands of time♥][: : . .

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